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To spread the message of the noble mission of Smile Tent, a Facebook Page has already been opened in the name of SMILE TENT. More on, Facebook Group “Smile Tent” is also another initiate that will, we believe, bring the genuine donors with good thinking and benevolent mind.

Smile Tent has already launched an enriched website (www.smiletent.org) which is will help all of us to know about Smile Tent in details. More on, by other modes like newspaper news, electronic media etc. we are trying to reach to the doors of the true donors – both individuals and organizations – so that TOGETHER we can do something for the distressed humanity around us.

Bank Account in the name of Smile Tent has already been opened to ensure convenient way of collection of Fund, its proper use, transparency, accountability etc.

Future Plans:

As mentioned earlier, SMILE TENT has already undertaken different programs at different places for helping the distressed humanity. They have different plans aimed at serving the poor and needy people around the glove to develop the standard of their lives mainly focusing on sectors like education, health, nutrition, environment, employmentissues, social welfare etc. Followings are few major Projects that SMILE TENT intends to do in future:
a. Food for Education Program for the Street Children
b. Initiatives against Dowry
c. Project for Eradication of Illiteracy
d. Distribution of Winter clothes
e. Helping the victims at jails- being deprived of justice
f. Helping the poor and distressed people
g. Accommodation for the Orphans etc.
h. Working for development of Environment and socio-cultural excellences.

So far, members, advisors and other well wishers of SMILE TENT have come forward with financial and other help to make those programs successful. However, if required fund can be collected with the help of eager donors etc., SMILE TENT will be able to stand beside needy and poor humanity. SMILE TENT welcomes the donor or charity organizations, individuals, Trusts etc. to come forward with helping hand so that distressed and needy humanity can be served during their needs. SMILE TENT thereby assures to send everybody’s donations etc. to the truly needy and distressed people.