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Smile Tent: At a Glance

SMILE TENT is a social welfare organization dedicated to work for the poor, distressed, disabled as well as handicapped people of our society. It’s a platform of some enthusiastic youths guided and cooperated by some enlightened advisers towards serving the humanity -mostly needy and underprivileged people.

Background of SMILE TENT:

It was an evening of the last week of August 2017. The pathetic condition of some human beings escaped from the atrocities of the military beasts of Myanmar has touched the hearts of many considerate, sensible people of the world in general and of neighboring Bangladesh, in particular. Moved by the very sad and heart-touching pictures of those human beings sheltered near Ukhya, Coxsbazar, Bangladesh, few of us thought that we could stand beside those starving and thirsty human beings including weaker women and innocent kids. The sudden thought of few of us turned into a bigger one and instantly, most of us agreed to stand beside those crying humanity with our combined efforts and financial cooperation. To make it a better one, we communicated the matter with some of our friends living at home and abroad. We set a date which was two days after our sudden day of planning and the response we received within just a small period of two days – was just awesome.

It was a matter of contentment that we managed to collect a huge amount which was beyond our expectation and with that collected amount, a group of our volunteers went to Ukhya with relief for around 500 families. It was 08-09-2017. After reaching there , our team witnessed the true but very pathetic pictures of the tortured and distressed people including old people, women and kids. Our team gave the relief to around 500 families but found it mere a stone on a big hungry pool!

Returning to the port City, we observed that some more donors (individuals) later came forward with financial help. Subsequently on 29-09-2017, we went to Ukhya again and donated clothes, baby food, milk etc.
After our return, some of our friends proposed that we could organize ourselves under one roof; get ourselves together at times and do something even for people of our surrounding locality like Chittagong city etc.
At that moment, we sought a name and after few choices, we selected the name as SMILE TENT – an organization which will work to bring smile to the faces of poor, distressed people of the society.
The subsequent events are just beginning of a noble history – so far SMILE TENT has managed to donate relief goods and cash money and helped around 3000 families there at Ukhya.

Since then onward, Smile Tent has been rendering services towards the poor, underprivileged and distressed people.